FAQs - Trash / Recycling

Q: Waste Screening Options
A: CBTYC subdivision registered restrictions/bylaws state that all waste and recycling containers must be screened from adjacent and surrounding property between pickups. This means garbage bags, trash bins & cans, blue & grey recycling bins, and green compost bins cannot be stored on porches, front, side & back yards, driveways, or anywhere on your lot without being completely hidden from view. Click here to view waste screening options.

Niagara Region Garbage and Recycling

FAQs - Parking

Q: Where can visitors park?
A: Parking is limited during the busy summer season. Parking in front of individual homes is restricted to the occupants and guests of that home. Please do not park in front of other owners’ homes without prior consent of the homeowner for everyone’s enjoyment.

Q: Where else can I park if there is no space in front of the home I am visiting or occupying?
A: Additional parking spaces are available around the clubhouse on Lighthouse Point alongside the tennis court. Additional spaces are also found on Newport Blvd. adjacent to the pool. You may also park outside the gates on Ridgeway Rd. or in the parking area on Erie Rd across from the restaurants and walk into the community.

Q: Can I park in the cul-de-sacs on Promenade?
A: No, these are emergency routes for fire and police.

FAQs - Beach

Q: Can I leave my beach equipment overnight on the beach?
A: No, beach equipment must be removed each day and not set up until after 7:30 am keeping the beach free for cleanup.

Can I have glass bottles or cups on the beach?
A: No.

Q: Where do I put my trash and recyclables?
A: What you bring to the beach should be taken home and discarded with your weekly waste.

Can I have my dog on the beach?
A: Yes, owners may have a leashed dog on the beach after 6 p.m. or before 10 a.m.

Can I have a fire on the beach?
A: No. Fires are not permitted on the beach at anytime.

Q: Where do I park my jetski or boat?
A: Owners may park their water craft as indicated in the image below.

FAQs - Clubhouse & Pool

Q: Can I have glass bottles or cups in the pool area?
A: No

Can I have music at the pool?
A: Yes, provided a headset is used.

Q: Can the restrooms be accessed from the pool?
A: Yes you can use the main entrance of the clubhouse to access the restrooms. Please do not use the side door closest to the pool. Water may cause slippery floors and damage to the floors. Please use the exterior restroom at the front of the clubhouse.

Q: Is there a lost and found?
A: Yes. Lost or found storage is located in the clubhouse. Upon entering the main doors you will find a bin under the microwave on the left handside where items are located.

FAQs - Gates

Q: How do individuals renting homes gain access to the property?
A: Individuals renting a home have restricted Fobs that will only work for perimeter gates. Fobs do not work for the pier or exercise room.

How do Owners access the property?
A: Fobs work at all gates as well as the pier, clubhouse and exercise area. Issued codes ONLY work at the front gates.


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